jñānena tu tad ajñānam yeṣāṃ nāśitam ātmanaḥ | teṣām ādityavaj jñānaṃ prakāśayati tat param
“As the sun dispels darkness and illuminates everything, so divine knowledge destroys ignorance and reveals the transcendental Absolute Truth.” — Bhagavad-Gītā 5.16    

Namaste, wellcome!

These pages are dedicated to the transmission of Vedic knowledge. Vedic knowledge is called jñāna, vijñāna and vidyā in Sanskrit. The opposite of this is ajñāna or avidyā, ignorance. What is Vedic knowledge about, what is it concerned with, what is its content, where does it come from, who is the author, where is it recorded? These questions shall be dealt with here in all modesty - not in detail, but not too briefly either.

What is imparted here is not sectarian. No one needs to pay anything for this knowledge or join any organisation. The essays, which can be read by clicking on them in the menu on the left, are based on various Vedic scriptures, which anyone can read and study anywhere.

Our articles in the topics menu are intended as an incentive to engage more intensively and seriously with Vedic knowledge. This website of the Supreme Knowledge is under construction. Soon there will be links to other websites that also present Vedic knowledge, some of them in more detail. There will also be links to sites where one can purchase Vedic literature in the form of books or download files. The subject area is to be expanded.

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